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Lab Details


Electronics Circuits Lab

  •  Be exposed the characteristics of basic electronic device

  •  Be exposed to RL and RC Circuits

  •  Be familiar with Thevinin &Norton theorem KVL&KCL and Super        position theorem


Digital Electronics Lab

  • To introduce the methods for simplifying Boolean expressions

  • To outline the formal procedures for the analysis and design of combinational circuits and sequential circuits

  • To illustrate the concept of synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits


Digital Signal Processing Lab

  • To implement linear and circular convoluti

  • To implement IIR and FIR filters

  • To study the architecture of DSP Processor

  • To demonstrate the finite word length effects

Computer Networks Laboratory

  • Learn to communicate between two desktop computers

  • Learn to Implement  the different protocols

  • Be familiar with socket processing and various routing algorithms

  • Be familiar with simulation tools


  • To learn Hardware Descriptive Language(Verilog/VHDL)

  • To learn the fundemendal principles of VLSI circuit design in digital and analog domain

  • To familiarize fusing of logic modules on FPGAs

  • To provide hands on design experience with professional design (EDA) platforms


Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab:  

  • Introduce ALP concepts and features

  • Write ALP for arithmetic and logical operations in 8086 and 8051

  • Interface different I/Os with Microprocessors

  • Be familiar with MASM


Communication System Lab

  • To visualize the effects of sampling and TDM

  • To implement AM&FM modulation and demodulation

  • To implement PCM&DM

  • To implement FSK,PSK and DPSK schemes

  • To implement Equalization algorithms and Error control coding schemes


Optical and Microwave Lab

  • Understand the working principle of optical sources,detector,fiber and microwave components.

  • Develop and understanding of simple optical communicational link.

  • Learn about the characteristics of measurement in optical fiber.

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