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  1. Fostering an ethical work environment at the Institute level.

  2. Create and use standards of excellence for administrative and academic tasks.

  3. Contributes significantly to the Institute's efforts to coordinate diverse initiatives that ensure quality, such as the adoption and dissemination of best practises.

  4. Planning workshops, seminars, awareness campaigns, project exhibitions, and research activities both inside and outside of the institution.

  5. Promoting an environment that is learner-centered and supportive of quality instruction and ongoing development

  6. Highlight faculty skills in adopting knowledge, technology, and innovations for interactive teaching and learning processes.

  7. Conduct routine audits of academic, administrative, and research activities to evaluate their quality.

  8. Obtain feedback from various stakeholders, analyse it, and recommend corrective actions to ensure that all parties are satisfied.

  9. To plan and advise the Governing Body on facilities and infrastructure.

  10. Serve as a dynamic system for quality adjustments in the college.

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