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Principal's Message


   The world has undergone a vast change and more so in the last decade. The trend is to continue and expected to be even far more unpronounced. The need to be geared up for tomorrow is far greater than ever before.

   Opportunities before us are immense and the task is onerous. Thus A.K.T Memorial  College of Engineering & Technology selected an innovative and creative factor to create a hub of higher and quality education. We provide opportunities to the young generation for evolving their core competencies and building up their career as world class professionals with broad based foundation and in-depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenges of the Global competition in tune with industry aspirations.

   Since its inception in 2009, the college has continued to demonstrate perennial evidence of merit and quality by achieving a respectable position amongst the top-notch private and Govt. colleges of Anna Universities, Tamil Nadu. The college has an electric blend of eminently qualified faculty drawn from different major streams of professional practice to impart a professional standing to the students through a structured learning system.

   A.K.T Memorial  College of Engineering & Technology has a vision to transform the students into high quality Engineers / Managers, who may also enrich the society by their adherence to ethical culture and human values, sensitivity to environmental issues and sense of service to the society and nation. With this in mind, we will continue to march steadily towards our aim to provide responsible citizens who will participate in nation building.


                                                                                                                                                         Dr.R.THANIGAIVELAN M.Tech.,Ph.D.,


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